All cities around the world have names, but several also have acquired nicknames over the years or even centuries. These nicknames usually describe an event or a trait the city has. Here are a couple of cities around the world with nicknames nobody would typically think of or associate with a city, and most of them still are known for their nicknames as well as their official names.

Several names come from events

People in England still refer to Manchester as Cottonopolis and the city of goldfish in Japan is also even one of the biggest centers for producing goldfish in Japan. Many of these nicknames also attract tourists to these fantastic places around the world.

The city of wrestlers, Kolhapur in India, carries the nickname given to it because of its status as a spiritual destination for Kushti Wrestling professionals and enthusiasts.

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Tourists enjoy learning the different nicknames cities have, and they want to learn the stories behind these nicknames unless the reason is quite apparent. It is a great way to share the stories about the city with its visitors as well as gain more visitors who would like to go and see a particular city just because of a catchy name.

Nicknames come from the weather as well

Some of the names are associated with the climate visitors and locals experience. For example, Curitiba in Brazil is known as the city of constant fog since it is covered in fog more times that it isn’t because of its climate, but the city is a hub of culture and history worth visiting if you have the opportunity.

Other cities gain their nicknames because of their founders. Florence in Italy carries lily as a symbol since the middle ages and is associated with Romans and the goddess Flora.

It is one of the most exciting things people enjoy discovering about the place they visit since it starts a conversation and encourages people to come back for another visit.