Climbing Kilimanjaro requires only physical strength and mental determination. This mount is successfully climbed by children as well as people of all age groups. Kilimanjaro has the distinction as the tallest free-standing mountain in the world and also as the highest peak in Africa. Those who want to summit Kilimanjaro may select the best summit operator for the task. The professional operators of Kilimanjaro trip provide well experienced guides who ensure high standards of safety. The summit operator must have proven track record of serving different types of hikers for years. The most reliable operators offer climbs of excellent quality for competitive rates. January, February, June, July, August, September and October are ideal months for undertaking Kilimanjaro hike. Still, temperature and other weather conditions are subject to drastic changes depending on the time and altitude. The long rainy season and short rainy season are not suitable for the Kilimanjaro summit. There are different routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and one has to select the route after considering the scenery in the route, the expected crowd and various other difficulties. Prior to undertaking the task the climbers should also consider their age, physical fitness, medical conditions and previous hiking experience.

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Hiking groups

The hikers who take more number of days for climbing Kilimanjaro have more chances for successfully completing the summit. As a result of acclimatizing for more number of days the hikers will be in a better position to complete the task successfully. It is not advisable to book for less number of days since those who get affected by altitude sickness may not be able to climb more and they may have to give up their goal to reach the top. In order to ensure individual attention, more flexibility and safety it is better to go in small groups. Normally the hiking groups are comprised of climbers from different parts of the world. However those who want to be in the company of family members and friends only can opt for private climbs of any size and they can have route variations also.

Acute Mountain Sickness

Those who plan the Kilimanjaro hike may ensure that they are not bringing too much luggage. They may carry things as per the list provided by the operator to ensure safety, comfort and convenience. The first time climbers can gather more information from those who have already climbed Kilimanjaro. Physical training for two months is sufficient for undertaking the summit to Kilimanjaro. During the training, one may practice day-hiking for 4 – 6 hours. Most of the climbers will experience mild form of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) but, altitude sickness can be fatal. The climbers must be aware of the symptoms of AMS and they should inform the guide if they experience any symptoms even if they are of mild nature. In some cases, the hikers may not be able to proceed further because of AMS.