Many of us dream of having a destination wedding, but making that a reality is a whole ‘nother ball game. Sure, we can maybe search around and come up with a rough estimate, but to genuinely take it seriously is something that requires quite a bit of discipline, as well as patience. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard of a process as you might imagine. In fact, it can actually be one of the most straightforward processes you’ve ever accomplished. Here’s how:

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Include the Honeymoon in Your Budget

In order to set your destination wedding plans in motion, you first need to establish a budget and stick with it. According to The Knot, the average destination wedding costs approximately $27,897, which if you factor in the honeymoon afterward, can go over $30,000. That’s a pretty penny to spend, and one you’re going to want to save for to start your marriage off on a good foot.

First and foremost, add up the total amount that everything in both your ceremony and honeymoon will cost. No matter if it’s having a great floral arrangement or where you’ll be traveling afterward, it’s imperative you list every single item, as this will be your cursor to your savings plan. Additionally, it might not be a bad idea to search for packaged deals. For example, if you want to get married in Dubai, then looking at individual attraction guides – Dubai might not be a bad option to consider when assessing your costs. Overall, the eventual goal is to have a set number in place that both you and your significant other feel comfortable contributing to, utilizing the security of a savings plan to make this whole process much more relaxed.

Limit Your Guest List

Although it might require biting the bullet, as a destination wedding is going to be significantly more expensive, you’re most likely going to have to limit your guest list to an affordable level. Group Travel notes, the average destination wedding guest count is around 86, versus 141 for a traditional wedding. And if you’re serious about sticking to your budget, then it might be best to find a compromise on the guest list.

Sit down with your significant other and go through the people you absolutely must have at your wedding. Next, decide what an average cost per person might account for, including a little bit of room for additional costs you might not be expecting. While it’s going to be hard to tell some folks that you’re getting married and they aren’t invited, have an open dialogue about the costs. Offer to host something before you take off for those who can’t make, showing that there’s no love lost. Because while it might sound selfish, weddings are an expensive venture, which is something that those in your life should be understanding of.

Pick Up A Side Hustle

One thing to consider if you’re looking to speed up the amount that’s in your savings is picking up a side hustle. No matter if it’s driving for Uber or learning how to sell on Amazon, some passive side income will help you afford your dream wedding. Plus, you might even develop a new skill or passion.

Look to see if there is any available freelance work that is a match for your skills. The more that you’re able to set your own schedule, the better, as the planning process for the wedding will take a good chunk of your time later down the road. Overall, try to make your side hustle something that you genuinely want to take on, or you’ll be burnt out after a while otherwise.

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Be On The Lookout For Deals

Finally, when maximizing your budget for your destination wedding, be on the lookout for as many deals as you can. While it’s going to take quite a bit of digging, this should be a top priority to make the most out of your trip. And while I’m not saying you should skimp out on the necessities, you might be surprised as to what you can find that you might need.

An excellent example of this is the online wedding dress firm Azazie, which offers custom fitting bridal dresses directly to the consumer for a fraction of the cost. Focus on the process of a company and how that justifies their prices. All-in-all, take a smart approach to this, with the overarching mission of what your dream wedding will look like. After all, this day should be one that you remember for a lifetime.

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