Traveling with kids in a campervan hire can be an exciting experience. It’s a way to bring you all close together and to bond while making lifelong memories. Of course, it takes planning and preparation to ensure that your trip is one that is unforgettable—in a good way.

While road-tripping through Australia, you will discover a plethora of natural places to visit with them, child-friendly things to do, and plenty of cultural experiences that they can join in on. Something that is guaranteed to be both a fun and interesting experience for the whole family is music festivals.

Which Australian Music Festivals are Child-Friendly?

The following music festivals are sure to be a fun experience for your kids, as well as for you. Check them out and start planning the family vacation of a lifetime:

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  • Woodford Folk Festival: One of Australia’s most popular festivals, many people enjoy visiting this festival at the end of the year in December. More than just music, Woodford Folk Festival is a place where you can enjoy anything from concerts to theatre, dance, and even circus-like performances. Best of all, the festival as a whole includes a children’s festival which is made up of activities such as chess games, hoopla, dance classes, and of course, music.
  • Dress Up Attack!: A festival that is geared towards the wee ones, this is one that will be sure to impress your kids and, surprisingly, you as well. While it has been known to skip some years, when it does happen, it’s full of fun that is designed for kids. One example of the type of fun that can be had is a workshop called Paint What You Hear. In this workshop children listen to original bands while they paint “what they hear” on a canvas. It’s fun, messy, and a great way for your children to express their creativity.
  • Lost in Paradise: Taking place in Sydney, Lost in Paradise is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable festivals to attend while you are in Australia. While it most certainly has its lure for adults, there is also an area dedicated to the little ones which means that family and kids alike can have the time of their lives. You can expect fabulous lineups every year with popular artists that you and your family are sure to enjoy.
  • Bluesfest: If you happen to be a blues fan with kids in tow, the Bluesfest in the Byron Bay area in Australia is an excellent choice for you and yours. You can expect a fabulous lineup with names as big as Jay-Z, but best of all, you can expect children’s entertainment to keep the kids happy while you get to enjoy some of your favorite tunes. This fun-filled festival takes place in April. It should definitely be on your map for places to visit in a campervan hire.
  • Cool Summer Festival: Another cool festival for kids and families alike, the Cool Summer Festival is a great way to enjoy the summer in Australia. Taking place near Mt. Hotham, you will get a great view of some of Australia’s most beautiful scenery while enjoying music and fun with your family. There are great activities for kids that will help to make the experience an unforgettable one. If you are an Australian native, you’ll probably recognize most of the artists. If not, you’ll get to know some of Australia’s most popular artists. It typically takes place between January and February.

The above festivals should be enough to get you started on your trip through Australia. They promise fabulous music and fun for individuals and families.

Tips for Festival-Going with Kids

The following tips for festival-going with kids will help to ensure that you make the most of your time.

  • Do your kids enjoy the outdoors? They most likely do if you are looking into music festivals, but if not, you may want to make sure that they know what to expect. Music festivals nearly always take place outdoors, come rain or shine, so be sure that your kids are up to it or you may have some very fussy little ones.
  • Take advantage of introducing them to music that you love. You may be attending these festivals because you have a love for music. Taking the little ones to a music festival is a fantastic way of introducing a love for music into their lives. Just be careful with loud music and younger children. You want to be sure that it’s a fun and enjoyable experience for them.
  • Check out activities beforehand. In order to get the most out of the festivals, check out the lineup, activities, and entertainment so you can plan your days before you go.
  • Stay safe. Festivals are full of people so make sure to take some precautions to stay safe with your children. Make sure that each one has your phone number on them. Have a pep-talk with them about what to do should they get lost and make sure to notice what each one is wearing.

Now you’re ready to get planning the campervan hire road trip of a lifetime. Happy traveling!