Nicaragua is a country in Central America that is blessed with beautiful turquoise beaches, delightful people, vibrant city life and lush, exciting rain forests. People all over the world are taking a trip to Nicaragua to experience the hospitality of the locals, and to enjoy their holidays bathing in its pristine white sand beaches under the warmth of the tropical sun. The country is ideal for families, back packers, and solo adventurers, and everyone can enjoy the country and experience everything that they are trying to showcase.

For those who wanted to go to Nicaragua, all they have to do is to book a ticket going to the capital city, Managua. The capital city of Nicaragua is situated beside Lake Nicaragua, and it is home to almost a quarter of the country’s population. Being a melting pot of cultures and traditions, tourists describe Managua as a vibrant city. Managua is also the center of economy, government, and education in the country, which is why company headquarters, government centers and the best educational institutions can be found here. From Managua, the beaches, forests, and other tourist attractions are just a short ride away.

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Nicaragua has two coast lines that are situated on its eastern and western sea boards – the Caribbean coast on the east, and the Pacific coast on the west. These coastlines are dotted with beaches, and during the months of October to February, the sea produces giant waves suitable for surfing. These waves attract thousands of surfers all over the world, and Nicaragua surf camp is one of the best when it comes to experience and enjoyment. People who wanted to experience the waves flock to the beaches near the Pacific coast line because it produces the largest waves. Adventure seekers are bringing in their surfing boards and try to ride the monster waves of the Pacific side of Nicaragua. For those who wanted to chill and relax, the Caribbean coast line is for them because of its beautiful beaches and surrounding islands. The beaches are comparable to those found in the Bahamas and other famous Caribbean island, and the visitors can have an awesome experience because of the welcoming characteristic of the local people.

For those who are not fans of sands and beaches, they can head to the mountain regions of Nicaragua to experience a cooler environment. The mountains of Nicaragua are home to its indigenous people, and they will happily show their cultures and traditions to the visitors. The number of species living inside their dense forests is also astounding, and Nicaragua is considered to be one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

The numbers of establishment catering tourists are growing, and visitors can choose between budget accommodations to luxury accommodations. Nicaragua has everything that they need, and visitors would have a good time visiting this noble country in Central America. They also have a number of restaurants to try – serving exotic and unique Nicaraguan dishes that has a distinctive flavor. Tourists can also buy several souvenirs for different shops that showcases the vibrant life of the Nicaraguans.