Pattaya is a major tourist destination which is famous for many things. This city is an adventure in itself as it provides you with tons of things that you can explore. You can get up close to the Mother Nature as you can enjoy elephant rides in elephant village Pattaya. You can also enjoy at the Nong Nooch tropical Garden and inexpensive waters ports and many other things. Mentioned below are some of the popular places that you can visit in Pattaya.

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Gem Gallery Pattaya: Gem gallery in Pattaya is one of the most important tourist spots that you can visit. Gem gallery in Pattaya is free to visit and anyone can visit the gallery to see some of the most classic gems of your life. The gem gallery takes you back to the history and provides you with the information about various gems that are placed in the gallery. You will get to know where these gems were found and how are they mined. How you can shape them and get them in your jewelry. There are various types of gems that you can enjoy along with some of the very attractive jewelry. If you are an art lover, then this gallery is a must visit gallery for you whereas you can enjoy some of the historical ornaments.

Koh Lan islands: Another major attraction is the Koh Lan islands which are located very close to the South Pattaya. These beaches are clean and water is so clear that it makes the place perfect for scuba diving as well as for many other water activities and sports that you can perform. Koh Lan is very famous for its coral that is present on the bottom of the sea. You can enjoy the view of corals with snorkeling. You can also enjoy boat rides to various other islands located very close to Koh Lan.