Many people wish to emigrate to Australia once they have retired or when they are close to retirement in order to obtain higher quality of lives in a pollution-free environment that is home to an abundance of natural resources and beauty hotspots. This really is not a surprise. Retirees make the move down under every year to enjoy the warmer climates and peaceful living style, and today we are going to be discussing the available visas and their requirements.

Retirement in Australia: Visa Requirements

Standard Retirement Visa

If you are looking to retire in Australia you must be over 55 years of age, however your spouse does not have to be over this age. You also must not have any dependants. In order to qualify for this visa type you will have to meet a range of criteria, demonstrating that you are in good health, that you have no previous criminal convictions and more.

When applying for this standard retirement visa, you will likely be awarded a temporary visa first of all; this will be valid for four years. After this four years is up, this visa can then be renewed on a year rolling basis.

Permanent Australian Retirement Visas

If you are confident that you are looking to stay in Australia for well over four years you may wish to apply for a permanent resident visa. To qualify for this visa type the rules and regulations are much stricter however and the process will likely take you longer.

This type of visa is seen as an investment visa and therefore applicants must demonstrate that they possess assets of a pre-determined value. This value varies depending on the location in Australia that you wish to move to. There general rule of thumb is as follows:

  • High Growth Region: $750,000 worth of assets and an additional $500,000 for any dependents
  • Low Growth Region: $500,000 worth of assets and an additional $250,000 for any dependents

If choosing this visa you will be required to demonstrate that  you have bene the owner of these assets for a minimum of two years prior to applying.

You Can’t Do It Alone

If you are looking to retire in Australia we would advise that you seek help from a professional emigration solicitor who will be able to guide you through the entire process, saving you time and money, whilst ensuring no mistakes are made on your application.

Take a look around today and find a reputable company to assist you.