Storm Casinos in Germany is a famous chain of elegant slot halls that belongs to Storm International. Plus, they are the best places for winter holidays. Why? Because you find a simple design, an excellent cuisine and bright shows here, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Storm Casinos chain works since 2008. All halls with Storm’s Bars and Restaurants are made in a luxurious style; all guests get the highest quality service here. These slot halls work in several German cities. You can find the cozy places in Frankfurt, Mülheim, Aschaffenburg, Bensheim, Simmern im Hunsrück and Fulda.

All Storm Casinos are popular for family events, head-on rest and various parties. The concept of these halls, clarified Darren Keane, is a luxury place with a maximum of comfort. During the winter days, all Storm Casinos acquire a bright design and a joyful atmosphere. Therefore, these are the best places for Christmas and New Year Holidays in Germany!