This is a lesser known fact for the maximum tourist traveling to UK is that, the country holds beautiful countryside which can make the tourists glued to the seats of the car. It is also an established fact that natural beauty of the countryside of the country could be enjoyed by traveling by the car. The roads going through the dew covered fresh forests , lofty mountains and the snake like road taking twist and turns, every here and there making the driver wonder what is going to come next. You can also take a road trip in the UK and have fun to the fullest.

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Various road trips in UK

  • The downs Hassocks to Eastbourne: This road stretch of 32 miles takes you from the newest national park of the Britain. You can witness the coastal beauty of the countryside along with the inland scenery with the mustard blooming in the field. Thus, giving the impression as someone has covered the mother earth with yellow carpet over it. You can also have a glimpse of channel too.
  • Scotland Glasgow to mallaig: This journey of 150 miles presents you with one of the most spectacular Natural sceneries which could not be explained. It is beyond the limits of human intelligence and expression to express such beautiful scenery; one can feel it and keep inside his bosom forever.
  • Isles of Wight, Old military road: This is the road which is used to link between various forts and the military barracks and this road was out of bound for the commoners till the third decade of nineteenth century. This road provides some beautiful view of the fresh water bay with a sensational view of the white cliffs. If you wish you can dive into the history of this small city of Derry, a city of the Northern Ireland and get whatever you wish to have from the mini break in the city.