If you have resolved to travel and make a difference, there is no shortage of amazing volunteer programs waiting for you at the world’s leading volunteer U.S. nonprofit organization trusted by university groups, schools, families and solo volunteers. Whether you are a student or you are taking a gap year or you are a professional you are guaranteed to find out volunteer placements and certified courses at the world’s leading organization volunteer abroad programs, that you will allow to explore the world, make a difference and meet new friends.

 You can volunteer abroad with A Broader View Volunteer (ABV) from 1 to 12 weeks with the volunteers’ abroad programs available in South America, Asia and Africa in 25 countries. If you are a student or in a high school looking for the best opportunity then you will find it on leading organization of volunteer abroad program. Some great volunteer projects include, social welfare programs, women support centre, medical dental healthcare, AIDS prevention programs, children support and many others programs also.

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They offer their program in many countries like Argentina, Belize, Cambodia, Cameroon, Columbia, Nepal, Peru and many other countries. Out of which some countries are listed below.

Volunteer in India– volunteer in India has help hundred of women and children in jaipur and Udaipur where the ABP programs are located.

Volunteer in china-it is a cultural centre of East Asia and its social history and 5000 years of experience of turbulent history place it among the world’s greatest travel destination. It is a way to immerse yourself in a new culture while discovering one person can make a real difference in the life of a child education.

Volunteer in Peru-They offer Casco Peru many social programs as medical programs, teaching in primary and secondary schools, pre nurse internship, volunteering with orphanages and a day care.

Services they have provide is pre-trip planning, sponsor a volunteer, application process, students trips, news and blog etc. click on a link https://www.abroaderview.org/  to learn more about their services.