Renting a private jet can be considered as one of life’s ultimate luxuries. Who wouldn’t want to travel in style without the usual inconvenience of brought about by commercial lines?

What you used to know all about private jet rentals dictates that this is luxury that very few people can the service. However, this isn’t true anymore — thanks to apps and other similar online services, as well subscription-based rentals, anyone can rent a private jet. Many, in fact, are switching from commercial service to jet rentals.

Still, this kind of service still isn’t a typical service, so there is a lot of know when you want to head into the skies via a private jet. What should you expect when you fly private? Here’s what you need to know. Here’s info and tips all about private jet rentals that you need to know:

Variety: The types of private aircraft available to be chartered are quite varied; therefore, you need to do a bit o research when renting a private jet to know what type of vehicle you are getting. If you are simply basing you decision on the price and the picture of the jet, you are bound to be disappointed. These types will dictate the size of the plane as well as the size of the aircraft’s interiors. This will also dictate the quality of the trip.

Only one pilot: Private aircrafts do not require a two-member crew, unlike commercial airplanes that are required by the law to fly with two pilots. Needless to say, a one-pilot private jet will be cheaper. But for the sake of safety and your peace of mind, opt for two-pilot charter flights, even with the extra cost (reputable rental companies usually operate flights with two pilots, or allow you to fly with that option). Why is this necessary? There were cases — although they are quite rare — when a pilot of a chartered flight became incapacitated.

Luggage limit: You’re mistaken if you think you’ll be allowed to bring unlimited luggage during your chartered trip. The luggage limit of your private jet flight depends on the aircraft’s size, not unlike commercial flight. And take note that private jets are considerably smaller than commercial planes. Small jets can fit seven suitcases that size of carry-on bags for commercial airlines; make sure to clarify the luggage limit of the jet you are renting. Try to bring soft bags as well; since luggage space is limited, this can help reduce issues when storing your bags.

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Identification: What everyone believes all about private jet rentals is that passengers here wouldn’t need to go through a TSA security line. However, you will still proper identification, as is required in commercial travel — passport for international travel, and a driver’s license for domestic trips.

Tip the pilot: Perhaps the main difference of a commercial flight and a chartered flight? You are directly hiring the pilot of your aircraft. Hence, it’s not unusual for passengers of chartered flights to tip theirs pilots — tips go as low as $100 and as high as $1000, depending on the distance of the trip.

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