South America is an ancient, beautiful place full of historically significant sites, and Peru is one of the most ideal countries to visit. It’s home to a vibrant culture, Inca ruins, ecotourism and adventures for people young and old. You are guaranteed to experience a unique culture that is warm, intriguing and unforgettable.


Mountaineering, trekking, surfing, hiking and diving are among the adventures at your fingertips, when you visit Peru. The snowcapped Andean mountains provide the perfect backdrop for snowboarders, skiers and mountain climbers looking to hone their talents. If you love the ocean, the waters off Peru are host to a wide-spectrum of sea creatures, and the coastline features nice waves for surfers. You can parasail, take a short cruise or you can lay out on the beach and sunbathe. You have so many options for fun it’s that it may seem overwhelming, at first. When you book Peru tours, you’re escaping to a world of excitement.

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Festivals & Culture

Peru was ruled by the Inca for centuries, and their influence and heritage has been passed down through the generations. As a result, there are festivals such as Inti Raymi that feature the traditions and beliefs of this ancient people. You can attend these festivals and see rituals that display the strength and talent of the Peruvian people. There are historical sites such as Machu Picchu that showcase the engineering talents of the Incas. You can see this wealth of culture via a well-planned tour of the country.


Food is a large part of the Peruvian experience, and the cuisine has been praised by travelers and top chefs alike. A number of cultures have influenced Peruvian cuisine, including the Spanish, Italians and Japanese. Seafood dishes are a major component of the South American palate, and the Peruvians have taken their seafood dishes to a new level of excellence. However, the cuisine becomes more exotic once you leave the coast and head inland. There you can find dishes indicative of the Amazon and the mountainous regions near Lake Titicaca. Majaz and plantains are major ingredients.

The beauty of Peru’s landscapes, and the charm of the Peruvian people and culture, are something that everyone should experience at least once. The classic villages, historical ruins and cuisine are unique to South America. Peru tours are the best way to see the country and everything that it has to offer, without missing important stops or focusing too heavily on logistics instead of fun.