Cuba has a tropical climate with two seasons.  The best time to visit the place is from December to May, when you can expect perfect weather condition dry and sunny days, and plenty of blue skies and the second season is wet season which starts in the month of June, previously many people avoided to travel Cuba in August and October when there was a chance of Hurricanes in Cuba.

Spring is counted as the best time to visit the place in March and mid of April. You will find the pleasant and summer weather in this season, but the prices of Hotels and Resorts also at their peak in this season. If you are looking for a budget season then you must go in January and February where the prices of hotels are comparatively low. The eastern Cuba has the highest humidity, heat and a threat of hurricane.  So keep an eye on the weather alerts before visiting Cuba.

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January February

January and February are also counted as the best time to visit Cuba. The island’s location serves warm temperature throughout the year.  The dry seasons in Cuba runs from November to April and the wet season in Cuba runs from May to October. There will be chances of Hurricanes and it most likely happens in the month of August and September. Here travellers celebrate the different festivals throughout the year.  Both these months have comfortable temperature as compare to other seasons. The minimum temperature reaches here 65 degrees and it increases up to 79 degrees in February.  But the great time always comes with a price so if you are planning to visit Cuba in this season, then book your tickets and hotels or resorts few months before to save some high amount.

March June

It is a season of wet and dry. From March and June, you will see the mixed change in the atmosphere. March is counted as a high season and there will be higher rates for everything including accommodation.  In the month of April, May and June there is a chance of rainfall. The temperature can goes to upper 80 degrees but the best advantage is this season attracts fewer visitors because of its weather conditions.

July August

These two months are also considered as the best time to visit Cuba. The chance of rain in very less and Carnival is in the month of August so everyone comes there.