If you have ever stayed in Pune even for a short span of time, there is one place which you cannot ignore to visit. And yes, you have guessed that right, the place is none other than Lonavala. Lonavala is a beautiful hill station and the most popular weekend getaway from Pune. This is one of those places which remain the same every time you visit, but you come back with loads of new experiences and memories. You can call it a place as a paradise for the adventure lovers and a solace place for the peace seekers. According to the accurate Pune airport information, Lonavala is at 68km from Lohegaon airport. Let us see why you must consider Lonavala as the ultimate weekend getaway destination.

  1. Camping Fun in Chilly Nights

The weather of Lonavala is usually chilly and pleasing, so the camping experience in Lonavala is impressive. The rockface camping in Lonavala is fun as you can set up the camps in the rocky area of the hill station. You can enjoy the great barbeque sessions, campfire, and sleepovers inside the tent under the sky are the best thing you can do there. Also, the best time for camping in Lonavala is during the Monsoons as the lush green mountains look even more pretty at that time.

  1. Trekking Time in The Forts

There are various parts in Lonavala where you can go trekking as this is one of the most fun things to do here. Places like Duke’s nose, Mahadev temple, Korigad, Rajmachi and Kondane caves, Lohagad Fort, Bhaja caves are some of the most popular spots where you can go trekking in Lonavala. If you visit during the monsoon, then you will enjoy your trekking sessions even more. Staying over the weekend at this hill station and doing these activities are worth everything.

  1. Staying in The Tree Houses

Personally speaking, my most favourite thing to do in Lonavala is staying at the tree houses. The Machan is one of the most lavish tree houses in Lonavala which gives you the total exotic and enchanting feels of staying amidst the greenery. To escape from the city life and stay at these exotic places is worth every penny you spend. You must go to Lonavala once only to stay at the tree houses.

  1. Mesmerising Sunrise and Sunset Settings

Most people who go to Lonavala for a trip,stay at the place overnight to view the mesmerizing sunrise. The sight of the sunrise and the sunset from the Tiger’s point and Lion’s point is mesmerising and amazing. Lots of photographers hop in the place for capturing the sunlight and sunset and the serene atmosphere there. Even if the place is crowded with the visitors and explorers, you will be able to manage your serenity amidst the chaos.

  1. The Scenic Road Trip

The scenic road trip from Pune that leads to a place which is almost next to heaven that is Lonavala is one of the best road trips which you will take. The road is wonderful with the best sight and less traffic. You can go there with your bikes and even four-wheelers with your gang. People visit Lonavala throughout the year, but generally, they prefer going there during the monsoons for the reasons already explained. You can stop in the place for taking pictures and enjoy the journey before going to the destination.

  1. Della Adventure Resorts

To experience something out of the world in Lonavala, the best place is Della adventure resorts. This is apparently the best resort in Lonavala which is more of an adventure resort. You can book rooms at the resort and enjoy some of the best outdoor adventure activities at this resort. This may be a bit expensive, but this place deserves one weekend stay at this resort for sure. According to the Pune airport information, this is at 73km from Pune airport.

These were some of the reasons why Lonavala is the ultimate weekend destinations from Pune. Since, you have got so many reasons to spend some weekends in Lonavala, make sure that you enjoy the most of your vacation.